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Do you ever get the feeling that you’re paying too much for insurance? What if your neighbors have been enjoying lower rates all this time? brings you a tool that can check the freshest quotes within your area. Type in your zip code and you’ll receive a list of prices for that location. Compare the rates so you’ll know whether it’s time to switch to better car insurance in Plano TX.

Average Plano Auto Insurance Quotes — Save Up to $695 Every 12 Months!

On average, Plano residents get a pretty good deal, paying only $1,255 per year on premiums. The cheapest rate is at $1,025 while the other extreme has it at $1,565. These are all considerably less than the Texas average.

Determining Factors for Auto Insurance in Plano TX

As show above, it’s possible for people to pay close to one grand even. If you are paying a few hundred dollars more than that, then you should consider jumping to another ship — that is, switching to another provider. You should also examine your personal details to see if there is anything that’s pulling your premiums up like bad credit scores, unsafe drinking habits, traffic violation records, etc. Consider the following aspects as well:

  • Location — Plano has 261,888 inhabitants and 71.6 square miles of land. These result in a population density of 3,659 people per sq mi. This is quite average compared to other cities, meaning overcrowding is not an issue yet. Providers are more likely to raise prices in congested cities so Plano and its low premiums are safe for now.
  • Driving to Work — At a certain time every morning, car will go bumper to bumper as they crawl towards the business district. It’s every man for himself with no one wanting to get late for that all important meeting. The chaos creates the perfect recipe for accidents. Avoid peak hours and you may get discounts from your insurance provider. Commutes to the office take roughly 27.5 minutes in Plano. The city’s fatal accident count was at 3.7 per 100,000 — much lower than the state’s 8.5 per 100,000. This bodes well for motorist’s safety.
  • Auto Thefts — Thieves can strike any time of the day, at any place that you go to. Being attentive helps but you can’t watch over your car 24 hours a day. However, you can equip it with sensors which can detect attempted break-ins as well as locks that would prevent thieves from taking off. Aside from the security, these devices could also persuade your provider to give you a discount. Plano had 389 case of auto theft in 2011.
  • Education — Plano has one of the highest proportions of college graduates within a population with 35.6%. To put things in perspective, the rate is Texas is only at 15.6%. In any case, holders of a bachelor’s degree may avail of educational discounts.

You no longer need to call insurance companies one-by-one. Use the search tool and everything will be presented to you in a matter of minutes. Go ahead and see for yourself how easy it can be to find affordable car insurance in Plano, TX.

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