Find Cheap Auto Insurance Rates in Houston, TX

You should definitely arm yourself with insurance before you drive but legal compliance doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are plans for every budget and you just have to look to find one that fits your needs. makes the search as easy as can be with a search tool that can pull quotes from every corner of the city. Type your zip code on the text box to begin the pursuit of lower rates.

Average Houston Texas Auto Insurance — Save Up to $686 per Year!

Houston is a great city to live in but you have to be prepared to pay somewhere in vicinity of $1,748 per year for vehicle insurance. It’s true that the mean in Harris County is a tad higher but the average in Texas is four percent lower.

Factors Considered for Houston Texas Car Insurance

Put the odds in your favor by managing the things you can control. Take a long look at the factors which determine the premium rates and see if there are things there that you can tweak in your favor. Getting a light-colored paintjob, for instance, is a nice quick fix. Turning a bad credit score into a decent one may take some time, but it happen with the persistent effort. Other factors include:

  • Location — You drive where you live, and if you live in a very busy neighborhood then you will probably get stuck a lot in traffic and become prone to accidents. That’s what the studies say and providers are not very happy about this as you are likely to file more claims than the average person. Logically, they will raise your payments as a precaution. This is what’s happening in many of the mega cities in the US but Houston is fortunately not among them. The city’s density is a middling 3,629 people per sq mi.
  • Driving to Work — Try to see if you can persuade the boss to give you a flexible schedule. Insurance companies give discounts to people who can dodge the rush hour in favor of periods with free-flowing traffic as this reduces their risk of collisions. Door-to-cubicle commutes in Houston generally take 27.4 minutes. Fatal accident count per 100,000 is the same for the city and the state at 8.5.
  • Auto Thefts — Thieves may be unpredictable but you won’t have to worry about their exact movements if you arm your cars with anti-theft devices. Sometimes an alarm is all it takes to get them scampering away. Strong locks also serve to frustrate them and convince them to move on. Having these things in place can result in substantial insurance discounts. Auto thefts in Houston reached 12,281 in 2011.
  • Education — Pat yourself on the back for graduating from college because now you are more likely to get a good job and enjoy a few perks such as an insurance discount. Of the inhabitants of Houston, 17.3% possess a bachelor’s degree. In Texas, the figure is at 15.6%.

The quest for cheap Houston Texas auto insurance begins with our search tool. Wield this powerful instrument to fast-track the process.

There are other Texas cities where you can save money too – including Austin, Arlington, and Plano!

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