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Texas Auto Insurance — Attention, All Drivers

No one wants to pay expensive fees for their automobile insurance but that is exactly what happens when people go to their providers blind. A degree of awareness is needed to be able to make good decisions when it comes to getting coverage. Information is also crucial if you want to get a license or register a vehicle quickly and without any hassles. offers a wealth of information on insurance and related laws so you can do all your research in one place. We have a search tool as well for those who are trying to get quotes for cheap car insurance in Texas.

TX Auto Insurance — Restrictions and Requirements

Understand that every state has its own way of dealing with insurance. The base is always liability coverage with stipulations on the minimum amounts per person or per accident for injuries to the body, as well as damages to property. A few require their residents to add more to this in anticipation of certain situations. If the accident instigator has no coverage, then Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage will be handy. If the fault cannot be determined conclusively, then Personal Injury Protection would cover the bills. Extra coverage can be helpful but they are costly. Texas prefers to make them optional instead of mandatory.




Bodily Injury Liability



Property Damage Liability






PIP Coverage



Medical Payments





$500 Deductible



$500 Deductible

Acquiring a policy is not enough. Verify if it adheres to the amounts mandated by law before signing on the dotted line. Next things to consider are traffic rules, license and registration.

Speed Limits

Rural Interstate 75 miles per hour; 80 or 85 on some segments as specified
Urban Interstate 75 miles per hour
Other Limited-Access 75 miles per hour
Other Roads 75 miles per hour

Official Sources on Texas Auto Insurance

You may go to any of the concerned government websites if you need a more in-depth discussion of various insurance and driving related issues. They are certain to have to the newest forms for download as well as latest information on license requirements and procedures. These also have lists of contact numbers should you need to speak to them.

Texas DMV:

Texas Department of Insurance:

Official Texas Government website:

Tactics in Obtaining Cheap Auto Insurance in Texas

Stay on the safe side of things so that insurance companies will ask for only a small monthly premium. You could, for instance, use a car with a light color or unique pattern which makes it highly visible at nighttime. Keeping your credit score at a reasonable level will also enhance the provider’s confidence in your ability to pay within deadlines. Of course, staying out of trouble and maintaining an unblemished driving history will be much appreciated.

Responsible drivers can be financially savvy, too. Use our tips and tools on to get a plan that fits your budget. Just enter your zip code on the box and click “Go”.

Fancy saving a few hundred dollars? Give it a try and find yourself some cheap car insurance in Texas today.

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