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Looking to trim down your expenses? Try starting with your monthly bills like your insurance premiums. Maybe you don’t really need to pay that much for coverage. Compare your payment rate with that of your friends and neighbors to check whether you are overspending on Austin Texas auto insurance. If so, then it could be the right time to switch plans or to move over to another provider. Our quote discovery tool here in will aid you in finding cheaper alternatives.

Average Austin Texas Auto Insurance Quotes — Save Up to $551 Every 12 Months!

Parting with a little over one grand hurts the budget, even if this is considered low by industry standards. Car owners in Austin usually shell out $1,395, to be exact, which is 5% lower than the average in Travis County and 17% less than the average in Texas.

Insurance Factors for Austin Texas Car Insurance

The reduction of premiums is not wishful thinking but a real attainable goal. All that’s needed is for vehicle owners to give their provider a reason to do so. They could, for instance, get a new paint job to transform a black car into a more visible light-colored automobile. This is especially helpful for those who typically drive at night as it would allow them to minimize their risk of involvement in an accident. The following explains other reduction strategies:

  • Location — If location can be chosen, then go for a place that isn’t so crowded. Cars jostling for precious space on the roads can only lead to gridlocks and disasters. That’s why you see the most congested cities on the top of the rankings for expensive vehicle insurance. It is a good thing then that Austin has a fairly moderate density of 3,162 based on a population of 795,378 and a land area of 251.5 square miles.
  • Driving to Work — Most people are locked into the usual 9-to-5 work schedule. This results in a massive traffic jam every morning as thousands of workers pour out on the roads at the same time. Avoid the mayhem by going to the office early or even at a later time if the company allows some flexibility. This is not only better for your blood pressure but also your pocket, as providers are generous with discounts to those who routinely stay away from the rush hour. Commuting around Austin takes an average of 22.4 minutes. Fatal accidents in 2009 reached 8 per 100,000 while the state tallied 8.5 per 100,000.
  • Auto Thefts — It’s always nice to drive a brand new car but be reminded that their shine attracts the eyes of hardened car thieves. Install security measures to ward them off to protect your investment and possibly get a discount from your provider. You can’t be too careful with Austin having 2,139 cases of auto theft in a year.
  • Education — You worked hard to get your degree and now it’s time to make it work for you. Insurance companies give discounts to clients who have graduated from college, and sometimes to students with exemplary grades. Austin has a large mass of grads at 25.7% of the population compared to 15.6% for Texas.

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